Friday, 29 April 2011

Did you mark the Royal Wedding or avoid it altogether?

So the much awaited royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton has taken place, and Farnborough like many places had a bit of local colour to celebrate the event - see a gallery of local images from the day. Certainly the local pubs took full advantage and were patriotically decked out with many a Union Jack!

And on a day when an estimated 2 billion people watched events unfold what did you do? Were you at a street party, or did you put bunting on your house or business, or maybe Union Jack flags on your car? Or did you try and avoid the celebrations and coverage altogether? We all pretty much watched it on TV, but did it foster a real community spirit as royal weddings of the past have?

Whatever you got up to why not share how you marked the day by getting in touch or posting your comments here. And if you've got any photos from the day, maybe from a street party or how you decorated your house, then send them in and see them featured here.


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