Friday, 22 April 2011

What are your memories of Pinehurst Barracks?

Glenna Mason's been looking for any photos or memories of Pinehurst Barracks, especially the married quarters, as her uncle was born there in 1926. Pinehurst Barracks were located to the North of the RAE and were demolised in the early 1970s. Built in 1921 the barracks was the base of the 2nd Battalion Royal Tanks Corps from 1921-1939, the Mechanical Warfare Experimental Establishment (MWEE), the 4th Battalion Royal Tanks Corps from 1937-1939 and the Royal Army Service Corps after WW2. Today, Meudon Avenue runs through the former site of the barracks with Rushmoor Borough Council located on the site of the former officers mess. The former Sergeants' mess still stands and houses the Community Centre (Elles Hall), and Pinehurst Cottages also reminds us of the military roots in this area.

Does anyone else have any further photos or memories of Pinehurst Barracks that Glenna can share with her uncle? Tom Watson has shared his memories, and if you have something to share please post it here or get in touch.

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