Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Origins of the Elephant and Castle in North Camp?

Louise Sutherland contacted Historic Farnborough to ask about the name of the Elephant and Castle pub on Lynchford Road in North Camp, and whether it was ever called anything else in the past?

Interestingly the Elephant and Castle is not listed in the Kelly's trade directories for Hampshire for either 1898 or 1911 which is odd. However, it is listed in the 1881 census under this name. Separately, local historian Jo Gosney, in her book Farnborough Past, speculates that based on articles printed in the Aldershot News in the 1930s, and which recall memories of the past 50 years or so, that there was a pub called the Blacksmith's Arms and that this was likely predecessor to the Elephant and Castle. Although it's unclear whether it was a different pub which was demolished, or whether it just changed its name.

So, can anyone else shed any further light on the origins and name of the Elephant and Castle in North Camp or point Louise in the direction for further information? If so, please post your comments here, or get in touch with the site.

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Historic Farnborough said...

With reference to the query about the Elephant & Castle public House in Lynchford Road, Farnborough, I can update you with the information that the Blacksmiths Arms had a name change in 1876. This is recorded at Hampshire Records Office, ref: HRO 33M73 XP105 Petty sessions - Licences, when Josiah Fletcher was the licensee. The earliest reference to The Blacksmith Arms was in 1873 when a Beer & Cider Licence was granted to owner/brewery: Henry King (Odiham) and the tenant was Josiah Fletcher. There is no record as to why the name was changed but the inference is that it is the same building.

Jo Gosney (Farnborough historian)